• Experts of the Insured
  • Advisory Service for fire Claims and other material damages
  • Fire investigation to define Liabilities
  • Claims where Civil Liability is questioned
  • Advisory Service for Loss of Profits caused by a Claim
  • Specialized advisory service for electrical equipment and industrial machinery
  • Damages in Building Claims. Building and civil work pathology.
  • Specialized Advisory Service for Legal Offices
  • Valuation Reports for Expropriations
  • Asset valuation for Insurance companies
  • Risk inspection and Management for Companies
  • Advisory Service for robbery Claims. Specialized report for alarm operation
  • Investigation and reconstruction of traffic accidents
  • Investigation and reconstruction of general Damaging Events
  • PLUVIA ART. Valuation for furniture, antiques and works of art
  • Integral Crisis Handling in Fire Claims and other causes


Advisory Service for Fire Claims and other material damages

The company has had a Claim and has an Insurance policy


Claims advisory service where Civil Liability is questioned

Different Circumstances


Specialized Advice Service Reports for Legal Firms

Legal Complaints


Advisory Service for Loss of Profits

The Loss of profits Insurance is the ideal complement to the Material Damage insurance


Fire Investigation

Claims where the high Civil Liability by fire is questioned


Extraordinary Claims. Consortium

The claims of extraordinary nature are those covered by the Consortium of Insure Compensation